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We are Maria Vittoria and Ludovica, two sisters and founders of Kipy.
Have you ever found yourself at the last minute without a document needed to carry out an important task or handle an urgent situation?
Well, it has happened to us!

That’s when we realized how important it is to always have your documents at hand or, at the very least, to know where they are.

Our mission is to simplify the way companies and individuals manage their documents. We offer an intelligent and scalable processing service based on highly innovative Intelligent Document Processing technology that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms.

Have you ever forgotten to pay your car registration fee?
You were leaving for a foreign country but your passport had expired? Or have you ever been in a pharmacy and not had your health card with you?

You can have all your documents organized into categories, personalize them with tags, share them safely with whoever you want and above all, you’ll never forget a deadline again!

Maria Vittoria Lupi

Founder & CEO

Ludovica Lupi

Founder & CMO

Antonio Molinari

Head of Engineering

Luca Bravo

Head of Ux Design

Fernando Piccirilli

Financial and Strategic Advisor

Francesco Cosimo Pacitto

Head of Revenue Operations
Growth Marketing Partner

Business Partner

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