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The Kipy team’s answers to frequently asked questions

Within the Archive in the ‘All’ section, in addition to your personal documents, you will also see the documents you have shared with other people marked with the blue symbol .

If you want more details about the sharing, open the document and select the ‘Sharing’ section at the top. Here you will find the list of people and the duration of the sharing.

Of course! To add a document to your favourites, select the three dots to the right of the document you are interested in , and then select ‘Add to favourites’. You will be able to see the document whenever you want in the ‘Favourites’ section of the Archive .

Filters are tools that will help speed up and simplify the search for documents in your archive.

To start using them, go to the Archive and you will find the ‘Sort’ button and the ‘Filter’ button. If you want to sort your documents, select “Sort” and then choose from the different options: “Sort by modification date”, by “Due date”, by “Document name” or by “Last shared by me”.
Once you have chosen how you want to sort your documents, select ‘Apply’.

If you want to apply filters instead, select the ‘Filter’ button: you can choose to filter by category or by tags.
When finished, select the ‘Apply’ button.

Of course! In both the Home and the Archive , there is a ‘Magnifying Glass’ icon in the top right-hand corner. Select it and you will land on a page where you can type the word you are looking for into the text box. When finished, select the ‘Search’ keyboard button.
All documents that contain the word you searched for in their title will appear.

Of course! Thanks to the integration with Siri, you can ask the app to perform certain actions such as, for example, showing you documents that are due, your favourite documents or searching through your uploaded files. In this way you can simplify the execution of daily tasks with just the use of your voice.
NB. This functionality is currently only available for Apple users.

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