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The Kipy team answers to frequently asked questions

The documents you can upload to Kipy are numerous.
For simplicity’s sake, we divide them into categories:

  • Personal documents – paper or electronic ID card, birth certificate, residence certificate, greenpass, passport, driving license, residence permit, family status, health card, work visa.
  • Home – utility bill, purchase contract, rental contract, internet contract, pay TV contract, telephone contract, product/electrical appliance warranties, pre-professional intervention, condominium expenses, waste tax.
  • School – credit certification, graduation, school canteen registration, school registration, report card, school fee.
  • Bank – credit card contract, current account opening contract, loan contract, investment.
  • Insurance – home policy, accident policy, motorbike/car policy, health policy, travel policy, life policy.
  • Employment – CUD, pay slip, professional certificate, employment contract, tax return, curriculum, voucher.
  • Vehicles – bill of sale, car/motorbike registration, certificate of ownership, single document, e-bike purchase and warranty, car/motorbike registration.
  • Medical – analysis, medical certificate, diagnosis, prescription, medical report, vaccine.
  • Sport – sport medical certificate, enrollment.
  • Tickets – ticket event, sport ticket, transportation ticket.
  • Receipt – invoice, receipt, bill.
  • Fidaty card – fidaty card.
  • Pets – purchase document, registration document, adoption certificate, pet passport.

Yes, on Kipy you can upload any type of personal document.
If it does not fit into one of the predefined categories, choose the “Other” category and then select the “Generic” document type.
Now you are ready to start scanning!

To create a tag, select the document you are interested in, then select the three dots in the top right-hand corner. Finally, select the “Add or edit tag” button.
Once you have created a tag to your liking, select the “Finish” button followed by “Save”.

You can follow the same process by selecting the three dots to the right of the document.

If you have already created tags, you can select one of the existing tags. Again, remember to always select the ‘Save’ button.

A tag can also be added when you have just scanned a document and are confirming its data by following the same process as described above.

To remove a tag go to the document you are interested in, select the three dots in the top right-hand corner and then go to the “Add or delete tag” button.
Deselect the tag you wish to remove from the document and then select the “Save” button.

You can do the same process without opening the document but by selecting the three dots to the right of the document .

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